5 Items That Are Helpful to Have Around During a Whole30 Challenge

Since my business, Back 2 Basics Cooking, will be hosting a Whole30 challenge here in Columbia, Missouri, I thought it would be appropriate to write something related to the Whole30. So here are 5 items that I believe are helpful to have around in your kitchen during a Whole30 challenge.

1)Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

-Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been more than just a staple in our home. Not only do we use it for our hair, skin, and teeth, but we also use a lot of it for cooking. It is a great choice for a cooking fat because unlike olive oil it does ok with high heat. It also adds a nice sweetness to your dish. If you are on a low budget you should either buy your coconut oil in bulk or use animals fats for cooking (that you render yourself), which are much cheaper.

2)Fire Roasted Tomatoes

-I always try to keep a few cans of organic fire roasted diced tomatoes in our cabinets. The deep, rich flavor is all I need to turn an okay meal into an extraordinary meal! Yum.


-Yes, avocados are a high fat food; but, as this blog post by Hemi Weingarten states, “fear not the fat in avocados”. You can use them as a replacement for mayo, salad dressing, dip, or just as added flavor to things like your scrambled eggs.

4)Sweet Potatoes

-I never use to mess with sweet potatoes unless it was a holiday; however, switching to a Paleo diet has changed that. Now, I always try to keep some for around as a good source of carbs. Sweet Potatoes are a great addition to your diet, especially if you are a high energy athlete or are nursing or pregnant. You can make fries, chips, and baked potatoes with some ghee (clarified butter) and cinnamon just for starters. Stick some sweet potato chunks, cinnamon and ghee in a crockpot before work to have a super yummy side dish ready when you get home. (Which brings me to my next helpful item…)


-Where would I be without my crockpot? Probably hungry. Having a day job, running a business, and raising a two year old who does not go to daycare and is still in (cloth) diapers, does not leave a lot of extra time for cooking every meal from scratch and washing all of those dishes.

If I did not have two crockpots, I wouldn’t have the time to write this blog. Sometimes I only use it once a week, other times I use it for several days in a row. If you do not have at least one I suggest you invest in one. It is helpful to have a small one and a large one so you have the option to cook meals or just side dishes. Trying to cook a family potion size of a side dish in a large crockpot takes a lot longer.

There are plenty of other items that can be helpful during the upcoming Whole30, so I will be doing at least one more post similar to this one in the future. Until then, I hope this post helps you to prepare for October’s upcoming challenge! If you want to learn more about the challenge, please check out my webpage:


Happy Cooking!

Have you completed a Whole30 program before? What item would you add to this list?

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