My name is Ashley Sturgeon and I live in Columbia, Missouri. I am a 30 year old mom of a very busy 2 year old boy. Since his arrival our household has made a lot of diet changes. As the title of my blog would suggest, we have given up grains. I have to clarify this though, my boyfriend still eats grains. However as someone who use to eat fists full of bread, he has come a long way I promise. The reason I named the blog feeding my family grain free is because even though my boyfriend is not grain free, the meals that I fix still are. I have a love for food and a passion for helping others take control of their health by making simple but effective lifestyle changes. I hope my business and this blog help people to do so!

Note:In October of 2014 my boyfriend took the Whole30 challenge with me and several others. While he did start eating some candy and chips again, he says he hasn’t touch any gluten! This is a HUGE step for him.


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