Back 2 Basics-Safety in the Kitchen

Last week I was breaking in my new completely amazing roasting pan from Pampered Chef. I had been dying to try it out and couldn’t have been more excited! Little did I know this was not going to be my favorite moment in the kitchen….

First, I hit my arm on the handle after the pan had been roasting for a while so it was nice and hot, which burned a large patch of my skin on my forearm. ┬áThen, a little later, I wanted to pull the pan out and instead of taking the time to find two good potholders, I just grabbed two dish towels that were on the counter. I did not realize that one of them was very slightly dampened with water, so when I grabbed the pan to pull it out, it of course burned the heck out of my fingers. Not wanting to lose the farmers market chicken I was roasting, I held on tight and continued burning my fingers. (In case it isn’t already clear, this was NOT the smart move.)

I had to stand with my burns under cold water for around 20 minutes, because it hurt so bad it was making me nauseous. [Before you try to write the nauseousness off as a low pain tolerance, please understand that I gave birth to my son (who had a 99 percentile head at birth) without any drugs or painkillers.] I then was able to use a dishcloth with cold water. I had to re-wet it every few minutes though. The pain subsided enough that I could tolerate it, and luckily when I woke up the next day it didn’t hurt at all. As it has been going through the healing process it has been sore and itchy a few times but nothing like the first day. I was lucky that it wasn’t worse.

This is what the burn on my forearm looks like several days later... Please be careful!

This is what the burn on my forearm looks like several days later… Please be careful!

Sometimes we all need a reminder to get back to the basics of safety. I hope this post will remind all of my readers that no matter how experienced you are in the kitchen, safety is very important and should not be brushed aside because you feel like you don’t have the time to worry about it. ┬áBoth of my accidents could have been prevented if I would have just slowed down a little. So please slow down, and have fun…

Happy Cooking!