The Number One Thing I Recommend To Change If You Are Trying To Eat Healthier

I did a post about a month ago about 20 easy small changes you could make to your diet if you are wanting to eat healthier. (Read it here.) So what do I think the number one thing is to change if you are trying to eat healthier?

Is it adding items like extra virgin coconut oil, avocado, and more vegetables to your diet?


Hmmmm… What could it be?

Or could it be cutting out things like sugar, industrial seed oils, or highly processed “foods” from your diet?


These are all definitely amazing positive changes you could make towards eating (and living) healthier. However, the number one thing I recommend to change if you are trying to eat healthier, actually has nothing to do with your diet at all. Yes, healthy fats are important to good nutrition and yes, cutting out sugar can have a profound impact on your overall health. However, it is not always about what you put into your mouth. If left unaddressed this can break down even the strongest of wills.

Your mindset.

That’s right, your mindset. You have probably heard it before and just brushed off this idea as foolish. I know I did.


When someone first told me that my thoughts created my reality, I could not believe it. I mean, if this is true then why are so many people stuck in an unpleasant reality? I wondered if you can change your reality just with your thoughts, then why was everyone not doing so? So, as I said, I wrote this advice off as crazy talk and moved on with my life. I heard it a few more times, but I still was not willing to open my mind to this idea.

Then, someone I loved made it possible for me to open up my mind.

She had gained some weight and couldn’t seem to lose it. The problem though, was that this beautiful women I know, continued day after day, moment after moment to refer to herself in very negative ways. It broke my heart everytime I would hear her say how fat she was. I wanted her to see herself for the beautiful person that I saw. One day during a phone conversation with her, I decided I had something to say. So I said it.

“I want you to make me a promise. Promise me that you will not refer to yourself in a negative way anymore, especially when it comes to your weight. Even if you are joking. Don’t do it. Not even in your head. If you believe you are fat then you will be. But if you think that you are a beautiful person who has a few pounds she could lose, then you will be.”


This made her cry, which of course made me sad, but she agreed to try. The changes I saw in her were incredible! She started Paleo a few weeks after this and has since lost 33 pounds, lowered her blood pressure, and her (bad) cholesterol. The best part is that I can tell by the change in her attitude and comments, that she has a much better attitude about herself and her body. Even before she started losing tons of weight. I could not be more proud of or happy for her! She is truly an inspiration to me.   

So, are you struggling with trying to eating healthier? Change your thoughts and try again.

I mean, think about it, thoughts are free. I am sure there are people trying to think of a way to charge for them too, but so far, no one has cornered that market. This doesn’t just apply to weight loss. Sugar addictions are another example of something that can be very hard to overcome (even when weight is not an issue), but with the right mindset it is possible.

Here is a great blog you can check out titled Mindset 101:Why the Biggest Change is Also the Easiest.

How have your thoughts impacted your life? Have you been able to change a part of your life by changing your mindset?  I love to hear other people’s success stories, so please share below!